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What is an FFL to FFL transfer?

An FFL-to-FFL transfer is another term for firearm transfers. Usually, this term is used when a person purchases a firearm online and needs to find a way to have it shipped to them (typically online or from state-to-state). As FFL dealers we cannot ship a firearm directly to an unlicensed individual by mail, but a firearm can be shipped to another FFL for you to complete the paperwork and background check for pickup. By shipping between dealers, FFL transfers are able to be completed in much safer and more efficient manner for all parties involved.

Our FFL Transfer Fee:

$30 for pistol

$40 for rifles

** $20 for each firearm for Military, Veterans, First Responders, or School Teachers with ID **

Is there a process to complete a FFL transfer?

Yes, to make things go as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Place your firearm order with the seller for the firearm(s) that you are purchasing.

Step 2: If the dealer has our information on file then all you need to do is select us as your FFL If the seller does not have our information on file then they can email us at or call us @803-509-0100

Step 3: Once the firearm comes in, we will give you a call to arrange for you to come in and complete your paperwork. This will include your NICS background check if you do not have CWP.  Make sure you look at the shipping standards of the company you are ordering from as some can take over a week to ship your firearm. This is out of the hands of Fort Mill Firearms if they take too long to ship, and you will need to contact the shipper in that case.

What do I do when it comes in?

Once your firearm arrives, we will contact you so you can schedule to come in and complete the paperwork for your NICS background check.  When you come in to pick up the firearm, we will have you look over your purchase first. If anything is wrong with the firearm or it is not what you purchased, then you must decide if you want to accept the firearm or return it.

If you choose to move forward with the firearm transfer, then you will need to complete the ATF form 4473 (firearms transaction record). The rightful owner of the firearm must fill out the paperwork for the NICS check if you do not have a CWP. Once complete we will submit the information online for the background check. If a proceed response comes back to us, then the customer pays and may leave with their new firearm. If a delayed response is returned, then the customer must wait 3 business days before coming back to pick up their firearm. 

What do I need to bring with me?

A government issued photo identification that is not expired:

SC driver’s license or

SC State issued ID card

SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) if you have it and the address must match your state issued id which has to be your current address.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

If you have your firearm shipped to us for pick up and something comes up that keeps you from being able to pick up in a timely manner, then please call to let us know that something is going on. We do not mind working with our customers and we do appreciate the heads-up. We all know things happen and when it rains it pours!!! 


We gladly do a deep thorough clean on firearms as well as repair, modify, and assemble various types of firearms.

Prices vary depending on the services required and type of firearm.

You can always call and speak to one of our experts at 803.509.0100 and/or email to discuss your needs..

Fort Mill Firearms is a small company owned and operated by Chris Ellis and Jerry Meyers specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality AR 15’s based on a completely different concept than all others. We are a 07 Licensed Manufacturer/Dealer (FFL) located in Fort Mill SC. We source all our parts from the same manufacturers in the USA as all the top tier companies source theirs from but without the “Gucci” top tier price.

We manufacture our AR’s one at a time and are built to order, not sent down an assembly line, based on our outstanding design with a lifetime warranty. Count on our expertise to build you a gun that will have features and ascetics pleasing to the most discerning individual. Chris and Jerry will give you the attention you need and the patience you deserve to make an educated purchase. We work one-on-one with you to best suit your needs. Whether it be for hunting a range toy or self-protection we have you covered. We also have everything you need in one place; you will be able to buy our base builder sets from the same quality parts for our DIY customers.

If you are looking for a custom build, we can also provide that service for you, just email us at or give us a call at 803-509-0100 to provide you with a free price quote to custom build the item for you.

At Fort Mill Firearms we pride ourselves on our customer service. When you speak to us you can be assured that all your concerns and desires will be met. Because we are individually owned and not a “big store retailer”, we are able to provide you with a personal service rarely found in today’s marketplace. We are here not just to sell firearms, but to help you determine the proper AR that will fit your needs individually.